Drive wheels transfer the power of the engine to the floor, setting the vehicle in motion.

A guide wheel or roller ensures that an object follows the trajectory. The guide roller rolls into a profile or on a rail that determines the trajectory. When guiding, the forces on the wheel are usually limited. Impact load or taking turns give extra load on the wheel. Load wheels carry the load of the device. These wheels are available separately or in castors.

Press-on tyre or bandages consist of a custom-turned steel ring with elastic tread. These press belts are pressed onto a metal core with a heavy press fitting. Metric and thumbse versions available.

Vulkoprin designs and manufactures custom wheels and castors that meet the most demanding AGV systems. Vulkoprin applications are particularly suitable for intensive use with heavy loads on all types of hard industrial floors. The wheels have a low rolling resistance and a high rolling comfort.

Vulkoprin designs and manufactures a full range of drive- and load wheels for forklifts, AGV's (Automated Guide Vehicles), stacker cranes and shuttles. Contact our wheel team for a dealer or personalized quotation.

Equipment wheels carry the load of the device or application. These wheels are only available in castors.

A glass transport roller is used to move glass horizontally or vertically.

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