About the system

VSR BLASTER® air cannons for pneumatic elimination of blockages and/or build-ups in silos, bunkers, tanks and heaps, as well as for prevention of depositing and caking in hot and cold areas.


Mode of operation

The VSR BLASTER®air cannon releases a massive impulse (compressed quantity of air) in critical material zones. Specially designed nozzles will create different types of cleaning effects. The pulsing energy that is released breaks down material build-ups, wherein the air fluidises formerly critical zones in a targeted manner. Material discharge problems or transport difficulties will be eliminated and deposits can be removed.

Application of the system

Rectangular bunker with double discharge with or without saddle for coal, limestone, marl or clay, elimination of lateral material walls or high vaults in wood chip or saw dust silos, transfer chute of feeding hopper for a crusher in quarries, railway cars unloading bunker, coaling bunker for coal-fired power stations, silos for cement, lime, gypsum, fertilizer, soya bean meal with differently inclined cones etc.