A TAWI system is the best solution for logistic lifting, from sorting, packaging and order picking, to palletizing and depalletizing.

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Logistic industry presentation - Fast and efficient handling in logistics

Container and truck unloading

Efficiently unloading containers or trucks filled with boxes, sacks or other goods is a challenge. Speed is vital in this process while also keeping operators healthy and minimizing downtime.

Unloading goods from containers manually is a strenuous task. An efficient lifting solution for unloading containers or trucks will save your business time and money while also improving employee health and flexibility. We have this solution, with a mobile vacuum lifting device that allow any operator to reach all goods in a container from top to bottom.

Order picking

With a unique mobile vacuum lifter, easily attached to any forklift or LLOP, TAWI enables one person to pick goods weighing up to 80kg on their own.

Anyone can use the TAWI Mobile Order Picker and thereby anyone can also lift heavy goods, no need to be big or strong. This provides your business with complete flexibility to optimize resources and minimize downtime. Effectively allowing one person to do what has often been a 2-man job.

Using a mobile order picker equipped with TAWI Easy Reach tool, the operator can easily reach far into pallet racks to pick goods without bending or stretching. This prevents injury amd promotes optimal utilization of storage space. The tool grips and holds any type of load with reliable vacuum technology.

Brochure - TAWI Mobile Order Picker

Conveyor to pallet

Vacuum technology allows one single person to handle a large volume of packages, lifting and moving them without physical effort. The suction foot grips cartons and holds them safely throughout the movement, without leaving marks on the surface.

Thanks to its clever design, one TAWI suction foot can safely lift cartons of varying dimensions, allowing efficient sorting of packages.

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