TAWI vacuum lifters ensure efficient lifting in our operations. Our innovative vacuum lift systems are designed to make lifting efficient, ergonomic and safe, no matter what you need to lift.

Vacuum technology is ideal for secure lifting without risk of damaging the goods or the person lifting them. Grip the load with suction cups designed for the goods you need to lift, regardless if you are lifting sacks, boxes, sheets or something else. TAWI offers a wide selection of suction feet and we modify them to meet your specific requests if needed. All TAWI vacuum lifters can be modified for lifting in ATEX regulated facilities or cleanrooms.

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TAWI VacuEasylift multifunctional lifter

TAWI Multifunctional lifter is our most versatile lifter, offering a wide selection of tools to handle anything from big cardboard boxes to ungainly plastic bags, blocks of cheese and fragile glass sheets. Need to lift different types of goods? A quick coupling lets you easily switch suction tool to handle various loads with the same lifter.

TAWI Multifunctional lifter is available in 9 standard models, handling up to 270 kilos, but we also customize the lifter to meet the specific needs of your business, adapting our systems to fully integrate with your workflow. Smart lifting for both business and people.

Brochure - TAWI Multifunctional Lifter

TAWI TP High frequency lifter

Quick and easy, this high-speed vacuum lifter picks up boxes of all shapes and sizes, securely gripping them from the top or from the side. Whenever you need to load or unload packaged goods, TAWI High frequency lifter will make the job effortless, efficient and ergonomic. The comfortable handle lets you pick up loads using only one hand, easily controlling lifting height with your fingertips. The control is quickly adjusted from the right to left side of the handle to suit left- or right-handed users.

The suction feet used to grip the load comes in various shapes and sizes and can also be custom made to fit your load. Carton boxes are the most common load lifted by the TAWI High frequency lifter, but food industry clients also use it to lift various loads such as blocks of cheese or meat, milk cartons or wine boxes. The High frequency lifter is also commonly used for baggage handling in airports.

Brochure - TAWI High Frequency Lifter

TAWI Lyftman crane systems and jib arms

TAWI crane systems are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business.

TAWI crane systems offer flexible solutions for mounting lifters so that you can use them wherever you need. Steel or aluminium profiles can be mounted in the ceiling or on floor pillars, built to match your facilities and meet your every need. We have solutions for suspending the crane system directly in the ceiling or in roof beams. No matter how your facilities are constructed, we will build an overhead crane system that is ideal for your conditions. Our high-quality crane systems are customized to fit your business and help streamline your operations. Stable trolleys run smoothly in the profiles, steadily moving your lifter to where you need it, by manual power or remote control.

The system can be a single girder running along a production line, or a vast system covering an entire logistics unit. By adapting the crane system for your individual business needs, we produce a lifting system that will facilitate lifting, increase productivity and support a healthy work environment, wherever you are. TAWI overhead bridge cranes are reliable systems that will keep your operations running for decades. The profiles are produced from high-quality steel, finished off with a protective coating. Parts are merged together seamlessly, making sure whatever you suspend in the system will run smoothly for many years to come.

With a selection of standard jib cranes, and the ability to modify cranes to customer requests, we can always find an ideal solution for your business needs. If mobility is important, articulating jib arms offer great range of motion, while portable jibs can be moved around your facilities to be used wherever you need them. When you only need to lift in one place, an over braced jib crane is the strongest and most stable solution. In some industries cleanliness is key, which is why all TAWI jib cranes are available in stainless steel models, ideal for facilities with high sanitary requirements.


TAWI MOP mobile vacuum lifter

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is equipped with a vacuum lifter mounted on an articulating jib arm. Various vacuum lifter models can be used depending on the lifting capacity you need, and the jib arm can handle up to 80 kilo loads.

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