We offer a broad range of drum lifting equipment, with a focus on safe drum handling, so whatever your manual handling needs we can find a solution. We design, build and test all of our drum handling equipment in our UK based manufacturing facility and supply to customers worldwide, showcasing high-end UK engineering to a global market.

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Drum tippers and rotators for handling all drum types and sizes. Manual, electric and pneumatic-ATEX models available, all of which can be customised to suit requirements. Find out more:


Drum lifting equipment for loading drums on and off pallets and bunds. Our drum lifters can lift drums of between 50 to 220 litres, weighing up to 350 kg.

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Quality oil drum trolleys, barrel trolleys and drum dollies allow a variety of drum types and sizes to be moved safely. Explore our drum moving equipment and find a trolley or dolly to suit your needs. Find out more:

Our stainless steel drum cradles use unique geometry to be ergonomic, this makes the manual rotation of 200-litre drums both safe and easy. Find out more:

This IBC Tilter is ideal for completely draining the contents of an IBC and avoiding any wastage of material. Using a manual-hydraulic tilt mechanism this product can be used to empty an IBC weighing up to 1000 kg. Find out more:

Forklift and crane mounted drum rotators suitable for handling all drum types and sizes. ATEX-rated and weigh scale models available. Find out more:

Move high-pressure gas cylinders with our quality cylinder trolleys; we offer lifting hoist models as well as propane bottle trolleys. Find out more:

Air-powered stacker trucks suitable for ATEX zoned areas. Lift pallets and IBCs with ease; additionally consider our weigh scale system for accurate material measurement. Find out more:

Our drum mixers have been designed to meet the needs of industry. We provide both horizontal barrel rollers and end-over-end mixers. Find out more:

Often you need to twist stored drums to view labels or optimise storage space. Our drum lever bars make orientating steel drums easy. Simply connect the bar to the drum container and use leverage to rotate or adjust the position of the drum in situ. Fint out more: