WEBER circular and rectangular tanks

WEBER produce tanks made of welded sheets (thermoplastics) as well as of composite materials – for each case of application the ideal material.

WEBER circular and rectangular tanks cover a wide range – from drinking water and wastewater treatment to the handling of highly aggressive chemicals. Depending on the application parameters,e.g. temperature or medium, thermoplastics and composite materials are used. The range also includes the complete factory production as well as the final assembly of tank elements on site.

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Rotamix mechanical-hydraulic mixing system

The Rotamix system incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform and vortical fields of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Combined together, this unique mixing system optimizes solids contact due to the homogeneous state.

The Rotamix dual-zone mixing pattern is a combination of both uniform and vortical fields of flow. In a uniform field of flow, the entire contents rotates as a solid unit with the highest velocity at the outside. In a vortical field of flow, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis vortex. The Rotamix system combines both uniform rotation, and a vertical-axis vortex, creating unique dual-rotational zones. With dual-zone mixing, average velocities are higher and steadier. Solids are also prevented from settling in the center. High velocity nozzles also increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid, thus significantly increasing the overall mixing effect. High velocity nozzles induce flow over a long distance, thus generating an overall effect over a large volume.

System applications: Anaerobic Digesters, Sludge Storage Tanks, Egg-Shaped Digesters, Influent Channels, Alum Sludge, Recycled Food Wastes, Liquid Fertilizer, Pulp & Paper Black Liquor. The Rotamix system uses fixed nozzle assemblies. Once the nozzle assembly is installed, the nozzles are adjusted to the factory specified angle, and permanently tightened. No additional adjustment is required.

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AVA mixers

AVA is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of machine and system solutions around the core competency of mixing and drying. AVA’s well-founded process know-how, competent staff, commitment to innovation and extensive experience is the foundation for successful single source solutions in numerous industrial applications.

AVA’s HTC series batch mixers are optimally suited for variable processes and frequent product changes. These horizontal mixers induce mechanical turbulence or, alternatively, process aggregate mixtures. The task of the mixer is to deliver a homogeneous mixture featuring an extremely small variation coefficient within a batch time (loading/mixing/discharge) of between two and five minutes. Decades of experience and a wide range of equipment delivered in various installation sizes, materials, and styles, speak for themselves.

From powder mixers to heavy-duty mixers, AVA HTK series mixers for continuous operation are excellently suited to large throughput volumes in continuous processes. These horizontal mixers induce mechanical turbulence or alternatively process aggregate mixtures. Our robust technology allows for 24-hour continuous operation, 365 days a year. The raw materials are fed continuously via appropriate dosing units and nozzles, and the finished mixture is continuously discharged via suitably designed discharge elements. Thanks to special agitators, AVA continuous mixers achieve very high throughput rates and optimal backmixing despite compact installation sizes. If you need any more arguments, have a look at the large number machines we have shipped and the deep industry know-how we have gained over the years.

AVA conical mixers are capable of processing a wide variety of product consistencies and are ideally suited to almost any mixing operation. The rotating helix conveys the product upwards, along the vessel side wall. From here, it drops down into the center and thus once again joins the mixing process. Horizontally arranged connection bridges provide additional cross mixing. This results in greatly reduced mixing times compared to other systems. Depending on the agitator rotation speed and design, gentle folding or intensive mixing can be carried out. The bearing of the self-centering helix is mounted outside of the mixing chamber. AVA conical mixers are ideally suited to processes where high purity and effective cleaning are required. The vessel shape also supports quick and optimal discharge. To realize an optimal design height, angle and amount of the conical part can be adjusted to the application.

Numerous delivered systems and in-depth industry know-how underscore the reliability and durability of AVA conical mixers.

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