About the products
JEHMLICH is the customized solutions specialist for industrial milling in the chemical, pharma, food, plastics and commodities industries. With our engineering and modern manufacturing we deliver customized, cGMP-compliant fine grinding plants, special industrial mills, pre-grinding plants, crushers and units for homogenizing and separating in compact and industrial scale.

The massive, pressurized Lump Breaker NW300 is designed for homogenizing a broad range of product flows. Main areas of application are processes in the food, chemical and pharma industries, as well as other bulk handling tasks with lumps sized up to 280 mm. The desired final grain size between 0.5–20 mm may be adjusted through the variable slit and available roller profiles from fi ne to super coarse. The rollers may be run synchronized with variable speed and in friction mode for a ripping effect on the product. Scrapers make sure material does not stick to the rollers. Typical functional areas of application are silo or tank discharge, big bag discharge, pre-crushing as product preparation for fi ne grinding, clearance of lumps for long ways of pneumatic bulk transport and breaking up agglomerates in bags for further processing.

The robust, industrial hammer mills HM 341 and HM 671 are used for crushing materials ranging from dry to damp, soft to tough, chewy to solid. Depending on product characteristics and the desired milling result, both types may be equipped with a variety of sieve and bar grate screen inserts. Modification requires no special tools and can be done by the operator. The JEHMLICH hammer mills are designed for standalone operation and integration into a product line. Material stresstime is freely adjustable through a retractable screen for targeted milling results.


JEHMLICH universal mills series REKORD A-D have been designed for a broad range of milling tasks from laboratory to industrial scale. The robust, pressure shock resistant housings and customized grinding elements are perfect for grinding brittle, crystalline and fibrous materials with a maximum hardness of 5 Mohs. Processing capacity ranges from a few hundred kilograms to 5 t/h. The mills are configured by us exactly to the material and capacity needs with grinding elements, drives, sealings, sensors and all required peripheral components.

The universal mills series REKORD 224- 630 GMP has been designed in conformity with hygienic design and GMP standards. Ability for simple dismantling and efficient cleaning was the design target and is a key feature of this series, meeting the requirements for validated hygienic processes. The precise housings and grinding elements of the REKORD 224 - 630 are dead-leg-free and made of specially alloyed, polished steels. All sealing systems are compliant to pharma- and food production standards. The mills are custom configured by material, target grain size and capacity requirements with flexible grinding elements, drives and sensors. The dust-proof integral GMP-CUBE body is a statement for precise, robust quality.