EdmoLift manufactures lift solutions that are suitable in almost any area of work across all industries, from handling small components with regular lift tables to moving big and heavy objects with our large lorry loaders or goods lifts.

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The scissor lift table is often used as a means for material handling directly on the production floor or as a lorry loader outdoors at a loading dock. With a variety of performances and models, not to mention a load capacity from 500 to 10.000 kilos, there is a scissor lift table for every need. It is not just different industrial companies that are major users of our scissor lift tables - we also deliver to distribution centres, warehouses, stores and other service establishments. Find out more:

Edmolift Single Scissors

Edmolift Single Scissors Accessories

EdmoLift's scissor lift table with a low profile has a closed bottom position of only 80-100 mm. This increases its flexibility with regard to its field of applications and reduces installation costs. Lift tables that achieve such an extremely low build height have previously been claimed to be a compromise between function and design. With EdmoLift's scissor lift table with a low profile, this compromise is now a thing of the past.

Pallet leveller PL 2002 is a highly reliable automatic load leveller that provides a practical approach to faster, easier and safer loading or unloading of pallets. The Pallet Leveller is adjustable by regulating the pneumatic charge. Once set the Pallet Leveller automatically maintains the top of the load to the proper and most ideal elevation to eliminate the repetitive motion of bending, reaching and twisting - the major cause of lower back disorders.

The new PL 2002 offers workers complete 360° access to loads. All of its components are contained within the diameter of the turntable ring. There are no protrusions, projections or obstructions, so reach-over zones are eliminated.

The horizontal double scissor lift table by EdmoLift is the solution you need to handle goods that are both heavy and long. The lift platform is equipped with a combination of two pairs of EdmoLift scissors to obtain the desired lift range and length of the scissor lift table. The lift maneuvers of the two pairs of scissors are mechanically controlled to achieve a parallel lift operation. Find out more:


EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables can be used as working platforms, pallet stackers, work tables, lifts and lifts for disabled persons, to name a few applications. Compared to a traditional lift solution, EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables provide a rational and cost effective solution. Find out more:

Our Armlift's unique function offers an ergonomic work place with ample foot space, comfortable working positions and unrivalled accessibility. The Armlift is the perfect choice for almost all work places that handle goods and components on pallets, in baskets or containers. Loads are lifted with parallel arms that can also tilt the load in a single mechanism making the Armlift an economic alternative to conventional tables, which require separate lift and tilt mechanisms. Because the Armlift tilts down it is especially suited for use with high pallets, oversized baskets and containers. Find out more:

EdmoLift's TZ series is a series of stable Swedish manufactured trolleys and work tables. The trolleys are easily maneuverable and have a variety of different uses. TZ models can even be customised to suit the individual needs of the customers. These lift trolleys are used wherever there is a need for lifting, assembly, transportation or where an adjustable working height is required.

With a variety of different models, with single and double scissors, a lift capacity from 200 kilos to one metric ton and a lift range from 920 mm to 1620 mm, we can offer a wide range of lift trolleys. The trolleys are available with a foot pump or battery-driven. Large, easily manoeuvred wheels with double brakes on the swivelling wheels make the trolley safe and easy to maneuver. Find out more:

EdmoLift’s Pallet Lifter handles materials to working heights of up to 970 mm. The Pallet Lifter has clear leg and foot space on three sides which gives superior access and makes working simpler and more efficient. With our accessory, the transport trolley, the Pallet Lifter is made mobile. This offers two very practical advantages. Firstly, it can be easily moved out of the way for tidying-up and cleaning purposes. Secondly, it can serve more than one working area which makes the investment even more worthwhile and cost effective. Find out more:

Our pallet magazine for fully automated stacking and destacking of pallets is completely electrically powered and easy to install. You can place it anywhere anywhere near a 230V electric socket. You instantly get efficient and flexible pallet handling - if the pallet flow changes, you can easily move your PALLET BUDDY to a new place. The PALLET BUDDY is equipped with a Siemens S7-1200 control unit and an actuator from LINAK.

You can insert and remove pallets with the aid of a pallet trolley, stacker or regular forklift truck. All handling takes place at floor level. It is also possible to insert or remove an entire stack of pallets directly from PALLET BUDDY – without using a forklift truck. PALLET BUDDY can be ordered for handling pallets in cold storage rooms with temperatures as low as - 25°C (accessory). Find out more:

AIR is a compact mobile work platform in a modern design. AIR is easy to use, it rolls freely and easily passes through a standard doorway. This work platform works well in tight spaces and can lift a person with tools and load up to working heights of 6 metres. AIR minimises the risks of working from long ladders, stepladders, etc.

The product is ideally suited for public areas such as hospitals, shopping centres, stores and offices, but also works well in engineering and production facilities. MA-models are powered and operated easily from the basket with a joystick. PA-models can slide around easily by hand. AIR is designed for indoor use only and may not be used outdoor or where the floor is not level or where there are strong winds. Find out more: