About the system
It is widely known that water is fundamentally suitable to reduce dust emissions, which can be plainly seen after a rain shower over typical sources of emission. However, with rain or sprinkler systems the material often becomes soaked and becomes silted. Targeted dust minimisation, on the other hand, means binding as much dust as possible using small quantities of water. This is a major advantage of the VSR DUSTEX® products: the dust is bound and the material does not become silted. Of course, bulk material has the basic tendency of forming dust any time it is moved or processed. However, environmental conditions (temperature, air humidity, etc.) and the plant-specific conditions (delivery speed or fall height of the material) also have an effect on the creation of dust and must be factored in.
Mode of operation
The DUSTEX® product range comprises stationary and mobile water spraying systems for dust minimisation. The appropriate system for our customers is chosen and specifically developed according to the conditions of use and technical specifications. All DUSTEX® applications are based on the same functional principle. With the binding of small water droplets with fluid dust particles, they also agglomerate into larger and heavier groups. As a result, the dust deposits locally into the stream of bulk material. The DUSTEX® dispersion system is preferably used in closed or wind-still areas, because the dust is suppressed with the tiniest water droplets and returned to the conveyed material using very little water.
Fields of applications

Installations for material treatment by crushers, sieves, blenders, pelletizers, classifiers and conveyor belts transfers, installations for feeding material, silos, stock houses, material depots, installations for removal of material etc.